About Me

I am an enthusiastic person who is, willing to learn and enjoy working with others.   Being ambitious and highly motivated to succeed illustrates my commitment to hard work and the ability to adapt and thrive in new and different environment using my great communication skills.

Name:                        Arian Al Lami

Email:                        arian_popalyar@yahoo.com

Phone:                       07865145611

Qualification:           BSc(Hons) Software Engineering


Java script 60%
Node JS
Node JS 50%
Docker 40%
Java script 60%
CSS 90%
HTML 95%

Some work examples

Cool Number
Cool Number
Cool Number
Cool Number

Work Experience

Marks & Spencer

Software Development Engineer 
Dates Employed: July 2019 – Date

  • Collaboratively solves problems; communicates technical decisions through tech-talks and white-boarding sessions
  • Learns quickly and makes steady progress without the need for significant feedback from more senior engineers
  • Show engagement when architecting and developing new software
  • Helps other engineers to produce clean, quality code through strong engagement in code reviews and pair programming
  • Takes full ownership of the tasks in backlog.
  • Actively engages with the product teams to make the product better, and to understand ambiguous requirements
  • Strong software design.  Know a wide array of software design patterns in depth, display a strong understanding of algorithms and data structures knowledge.
  • Consult business stakeholders on the best approach for delivering complicated feature, both in how it can be split and sequenced, and in terms of potential improvement to the functional requirements
River Island

Front End Developer 
Dates Employed: Jan 2017 – Jul 2019
• Using Git to record and update all the code.
• Working and debugging the site to work for all screen sizes such as desktop, laptop and phone of all sizes.
• Using gulp to compile the SCSS, and updating SCSS daily.
• Debugging River Island Landing pages for all countries such as US, NL, FR, DE, EU, AU and UK.
• Participating in daily developers meeting.
• In the free time using Udemy to learn new technologies.
• On my free time I have started some personal projects on React JS (Burger Builder), and some Unity games. You can see them on my git hub account.

The Independent

Front End Developer
Dates Employed: Jan 2015 – Dec 2016

  • Working as part agile scrum process of web development that later changed to Kanban board (weekly release, hot fixes).
  • Working on Daily App of Independent website and coding the CSS to style the app to work for all screen sizes such as desktop, laptop, iPad, iPad mini, iPad pro, android and iPhone of all sizes.
  • Working on the CSS for mpdf (CSS for the html that converts to pdf).
  • Working on various widgets of Evening Standard Website, The Independent website.
  • Debugging Homes and property, ES and Indy websites using PHP, html, JavaScript.
  • Drupal development, user management, cache management of website.
  • Participating in daily developers meeting.
  • Collaborating the third party provided Jason feed to Company website.
  • Doing responsive code and test on various browser and devices.
Start The Adventure

Front End Developer 
Dates Employed:  Sep 2014 2015 – June 2015

  • Working in Agile development with development cycle of two weeks, and review every four weeks.
  • Debugging the site.
  • Update the website with new business requests.
  • Managing the CMS for the web site of all divisions i.e Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, France etc.
  • Managing the Templates of the webs design.
  • Managing the CMS Open Text users.
  • Updating the CSS and JS and html templates.
  • Writing xslt for xml files. Using angular and Ajax
  • Participating in all the agile meetings from planning to completion. 
  • Working on the Jira of each sprint.
  • Open Text Developer
Be Online
Front End Developer 
Dates Employed: March 2014 – Aug 2015
  • Constantly seeking to develop myself by learning new technologies and keeping abreast of your markets developments.
  • Developing cross-browser and cross-platform compatible solutions
  • Excitement about emerging web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, LESS, Jquery, Java script.
  • Angular JS and PHP (beginner skills in angular js and php)
  • Aware of Git version control.
  • Can work in Linux Operating System.
  • Hand coding or editing the existing site codes
  • Email Newsletter HTML5 coding.
  • Email HTML coding, Bootstrap Framework
  • Experience developing responsive interfaces for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Can work in Photoshop.
  • Well aware of responsive design coding and cross browser testing and code.
R and R music
Front End Developer 
Dates Employed: August 2012 -October 2013
  • In R&R I had various responsibilities one was of coding of different animation and effects with JQuery, and I have also coded in other languages such as java script, html, HTML5 and CSS, CSS3, Photoshop, word press.
  • I developed their company site randrmusic.com, I am also responsible to keep the site up to date and bugs free
  • I have coded sites using html, CSS add various animations to the site using JQuery and java Script, PHP,
  • Knockout JavaScript.
  • I have also created website with PHP frame work.
  • I was managing two services design the service finalizing the wireframes conveying the information to product owners in Kiev, finalizing the user journey, different functionality of the service.
  • Doing meetings with marketing and branding consultants and making finalizing and designing the service.
  • Working with the team of other interns where every one had a service.
  • I also installed various new software helped other to install and run new software in their system